Tuesday, 31 January 2017

fibre festival schemes

it's been a while since i last wrote a blog post. i can't guarantee that i'll get back to them at any regular basis (most of my online focus these days are on instagram, facebook, and my weekly newsletter), but i wanted to share a bit more about my schemes for manitoba fibre festival 2017!

i'm coordinating a group collection for this year's festival, which included last month's shawl design 101 and includes master classes this month in pattern writing, publication, social media, and photography at wolseley wool (if you're unable to attend these classes in-person, my online course will launch in the spring). i've been so busy planning the overall collection that i totally forgot to figure out my own contribution to the collection! my partner got me back to my spinning wheel last week though, and that got the wheels in my head turning (terrible pun, yes, i know).

over a couple of days, i got my art batt from fellow manitoba fibre artist tog & thel spun into 661 yards of fingering-ish weight single ply. it's a beautiful batt of cormo, lopi, merino, tencel, mohair, polworth, and angelina, and the resulting yarn is beautifully tweedy and fun in all its neutral glory. i'm pairing it with some other icelandic single ply that i also got from tog & thel that was dyed with logwood, and i'll be making a (what else) big shawl.

i can't wait to see what other folks are going to contribute! a rough timeline of the collection is:

  • february - master classes
  • march - submissions from designers and pairing with yarn dyers and spinners
  • march-may - knitting designs
  • late may - collection photo shoot
  • june - tech editing
  • july - test knitting
  • early august - ravelry release of full collection
  • august-september 15 - collection kal!
if you're interested in being involved in any aspect(s) of the collection, please let me know! we're soliciting folks primarily from manitoba, but also saskatchewan, western ontario, and alberta (basically, if you have come or will be coming to fibre fest, please give us a shout). all enquiries and submissions can be sent to me at ash.sunflowerknit@gmail.com. hope you can join us!

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