Saturday, 5 November 2016

slow fashion october: recap

well, another slow fashion october has come and gone. i hope you've been following along in your own way. if you'd like to re-read any of my blog posts for this year, you can check them out here:
i also wanted to take the opportunity to show all the things i've made this month! for myself as much as for you, actually. i often find myself tunneling in with my vision and awareness and feel like i'm not getting as much accomplished as i actually do, and i think it's important to acknowledge the fact that, damn it, i got a lot of shit done last month. go me! so here's what i made:

in this massive pile, you can see/kind of see the following:
  • knits: two cowls, mittens, shawl, socks
  • sewing: two dresses, cape, stowe bag the second, punk vest
i also made a ridiculous amount of stitch markers (which you can purchase at wolseley wool, or if you want my special edition moon femme markers, check out my website), dyed some yarn and heirloom altar cloths, made a weaving and i even made a batch of black walnut ink (which will be available at my next studio sale and also online). it's really lovely to look at my life and see how much of it is made by hand these days, and also exciting is seeing the growth of my wardrobe from last year to this year and recognizing how so much more of it is slowly shifting to handmade/slow fashion (by me and by others) from fast fashion. i love having slow fashion october as a way to check in with myself and compare (not in a judging way, just in an acknowledging way) how much my life shifts from year to year. i can't wait for next year!

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