Friday, 7 October 2016

winter is october

it snowed today. only for a brief moment, and it didn't stay. in fact, i referred to it as "fluffy rain" instead of snow. but if we're being real, there were fat fluffy snowflakes flying around in the air in the late morning. canada is apparently in for a long and cold winter. which i'm ok with for the most part. i mean, that means more opportunities for skating, wandering around in frozen wonderlands, comforting quiet snowfalls, cozy snow days at home, excuses for literally all of the wool...

i was unprepared for such a quick drop in temperature though. i managed to get ahead of my winter collection deadlines last night (sort of...being on top of them right now just means having a slight buffer for when i inevitably fall behind later). so i pulled a skein of lopi out of my stash and cast on a new pair of mittens. they'll be done (not blocked, but that's not necessary for mitts anyway) and on my hands before i head out onto the water tomorrow afternoon with dear ones. and the pattern should be ready before the end of the month. hopefully you're lucky and still have some time before the snow flies wherever you are, but these knit up quick even if you don't.

it's a long weekend here in canada, so i'll be playing catch up on paperwork amidst food and adventures! what are your plans?

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