Wednesday, 5 October 2016

shawl joy design-a-long

my darling friend sylvia released her first book shortly after i released flotsam & jetsam. earlier this year, she came up with a seriously brilliant new knitting method which she's debuted in a few designs now (and which others have copied without giving credit to her brilliance, but we won't go into how crappy that is...). she's outlined the method in detail in shawl joy, and to celebrate the release of the book, there's a design-a-long happening from today until november 5!

i got a head start on my design, because it also happens to be the first design for my winter collection and i need it finished, photographed, written, tech edited, and test knitted in time for an october 30th release. wooooooooo...i'm onto the final stretch, and i'm using my rumpelstiltskin yarn for it. this is my first time using this new base, and i'm totally in love with it. that sounds ridiculous, but i'm being honest. the drape of this silk/linen blend is phenomenal, and the way that the fibres take up the natural dyes is just too beautiful. my design uses two skeins that i dyed with mushrooms back in june. it's turned out fantastically, and i'm crossing my fingers that it will be blocked and dried before i head off to the woods this weekend. i won't be doing the full photoshoot in the woods, but i do want to take advantage of being in the woods to take some fun extra shots of it.

it's also slow fashion october now, and i for sure have some sewing to do. i'll be sewing a dress for the photoshoots of this collection, and hopefully also a black or dark grey camden cape. and i need to sew that replacement stowe bag for when i go on the road next month, and i need new undies, and i have some tops i'd like to make, and also maybe this skirt. i want to make all the things (to make up for the past couple of months of not making selfish things?).

i'm also doing a couple of online business courses and seminars right now, which is rather exciting, but i do need to make sure i'm prioritizing them and their homework. despite my knitting deadlines, this is a relatively slow time for me (especially compared to the past few months), so i want to take advantage of it and really start to focus on my business. so, back to work i go!

what are you making (or mending) for slow fashion october?

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