Wednesday, 28 September 2016

stash goals

so, i've been spending a large chunk of 2016 working on culling my stash and making it more useful. that's meant destashing in the form of supplying yarn to others, doing trades, using up more yarn in designs, creating designs specifically for stashbusting...also not buying as much yarn, but honestly, i feel like as soon as i clear out space in my stash i replace it with new stuff almost immediately. and i'm getting better at replacing it with more useful stuff, but still. it feels like it never quite goes down. take, for example, four of my upcoming designs. literally all of them have been made with yarn purchased or provided this year. same with all but two for my winter collection. sigh. i'm imposing a yarn diet after fibre fest and not buying any more yarn through at least the winter. although i don't actually believe in diets, so we'll see how that goes...

this represents about 1/20th of my fingering weight stash...
i'm getting furniture from my nanny and poppy's house, which is going to replace most of my current storage options. it includes several really beautiful glass door curio cabinets, so my entire stash is going to be pulled out of its various hiding places and shifted into places where it can always be seen. which is slightly daunting, but it also means that i'll be able to more accurately determine where my deficits are (sport, dk, having more than 3 sets of sweater quantities, too much fingering weight...), and hopefully will mean that i work from it in a smarter way. and maybe feel pressure to use it more often before getting new stuff. i dunno. we'll see how it goes.

the weirdest not-so-little bundle of yellows. i think it'd make a great baby blanket though.

for this, i've been looking at my fingering weight stash especially. i have so much of it, and a lot is in partial skeins (remnants from projects past) or single skeins, and i tend to not do many single skein projects in that weight. why? because i love huge shawls, and i really really really love fingering weight shawls. but for obvious reasons (it's fingering weight), they take a while to design and make. and then they leave me with 20 or 30 or 50 grams of random skeins, and then what do i do?

i designed a stashbusting blanket earlier this summer, but the throw-sized version has yet to be made...

i've pulled a bunch of them together, and have determined that i have substantial quantities in a literal rainbow of colours, plus a very lovely pile of neutrals. so, my plan is to do some more stashbusting designs. i did two for flotsam & jetsam (flotsam and jetsam, in fact), and i've got another blanket design that's in the process of getting rid of more of them. blankets are great, but i think i'll also do maybe some more shawls too. freer designs, that don't require lots of math or thinking or planning of colours and specific amounts. just pick your yarns and go. we'll see how they do, since realistically i have a bunch of other projects that i still need to deal with between now and the spring at the very least. my moon femme collection is going to be keeping me busy through the early winter and then i'll need to play a bit of catch-up for the yoth collection, which still has oodles of time before i need everything ready, but i don't want to be stuck scrambling and/or going mia like i was with flotsam & jetsam. balance is a fickle creature in my life. eventually though, i will do some major stashbusting, and it's going to feel so great. and possibly terrifying ha.


  1. I've accepted that in my life, stashbusting will go on into infinity!

  2. hahaha agreed! i would love for mine to settle a little bit makes me feel less guilty when i add to it ;)