Sunday, 18 September 2016

slow fashion october prep

i have two weeks left in the (primarily very enjoyable) hell that is my september this year. between the book launch, fibre fest, and neurocraft, i haven't had much time to look at other making projects. when i do procrastiknit, i'm working on the patterns for my winter collection, because the first pattern will be released at the end of next month and i need the pattern and sample ready by the first week of october to be fair to my tech editor and test knitters. normally i sew myself a new outfit to wear for upcoming events, but given my current situation, i doubt i'll get a chance to even whip up another wiksten before neurocraft, and i for sure don't have time to make anything before the book launch on wednesday. all of that being said, it's almost time again for slow fashion october, and i do have a few goals to try and squeeze into next month if i'm able.

from ohhh lulu sews.

first up, undies. i need to make a bunch of new ones. i actually just caved and bought a new bra, because those can be finicky and i'm still not totally confident in my ability to deal with all those tiny details. but undies are easy, and i've made them before, and i have literally metres of lace in my fabric stash, and the cost of a new pair just seems foolish when i could make a new one for pennies and a couple hours' work. i really love ohhh lulu's patterns, and the hipsters are my go-to when i need to make new undies, so that's my plan. they're a great blank slate for playing around with fabric scraps.

next, i need to replace my stowe bag. i'll get my other bag back eventually, and i'm in no rush to get it (beyond demanding that it be returned in person, and i do love seeing dear ones, so sooner would be nicer than later, but it's not a necessity by any means). but i've got some big projects on the go at the moment, including a sweater (which will not be done in time for the sskal, but that's ok) and a 7-skein chunky yarn pattern for the winter collection. i'm going on the road for a week in november, which means lots of potential knitting hours on the bus, so i'll be wanting a new stowe bag by that point at least to shove a few projects into instead of taking up my entire duffle bag.

and then, clothes would be nice. i picked up the merchant & mills workbook in toronto and want to make the heron top and bantam tank. i'm also thinking of remaking a couple of deer & doe patterns i have, including the chardon skirt. i have some lovely brown linen, and i think a slightly longer version would be perfect for the fall. especially because it has great pockets. maybe i'll just get lazy and make another wiksten. i do actually want to make one with a faux button placket, so maybe i'll make a slightly fancier one. it's for sure my default pattern when i want to make a new dress.

so, there you have it. my sewing goals for next month's slow fashion practices. they're lovely dreams, to be sure. for now, i need to do more building for my neurocraft installation and do some dishes and maybe eat something. and maybe even eventually go to bed at a decent time for once.

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