Friday, 26 August 2016

home again, home again

i've been back home for almost a week after spending a week in toronto, which is weird and familiar and a little bit heartbreaking. i had the most magical trip, spending time with people i love, actually reading and cooking real food and taking naps, and also exploring nooks and crannies of the city on my own and following others. i gave myself a few things that i definitely wanted to do (textile-related, of course), and managed to get all of them done without stressing myself out or overbooking myself. a bit of a miracle, i have to admit. my most cherished memories are the ones i spent curled around the people i missed, but i'll share some of the less human-specific, more travel-related ones with you.

i went to both the royal ontario museum and the textile museum of canada. while the textile wing of the rom was closed (damn it), there were plenty of other textiles scattered around the four floors to soothe that part of my wants. plus, there were lots of dinosaurs, ancient bones, an exhibit about tattoos, and another exhibit about japan's edo period, aka the time in history when japan had a third gender built into its everyday society. so basically all the things that i love under one roof. the textile museum had a couple of interesting exhibits. very historical-artifact-heavy, but there were some truly stunning javanese batik examples in the garden exhibit that i particularly enjoyed going cross-eyed over.

i made it to three of toronto's yarn shops - the knit cafe, the purple purl, and yarns untangled. each did a great job of representing (different!) small batch canadian and indie dyers. they're all in different areas of the city, so it would be easy find a nearby lys no matter where you happened to settle. yarns untangled is in kensington, so there's a ridiculous amount of delicious food within a single block, making it pretty ideal for plopping yourself down for a few hours to knit and hang out (yes, that happened, and yes, it was great).

here's what i picked up:

brooklyn tweed's squishy quarry from the knit cafe.

canadian-dyed speckles for a mini collection i'm planning for the spring, some of julie's leizu dk in a gorgeous bronze, and titus from baa ram ewe for what will probably be the most luscious pair of mittens ever, all from purple purl.
finally found kat's riverside studio and grabbed two skeins of her single ply lace in graphite (more grey than this photo shows), a beautiful carved shawl pin, and lichen and lace's single ply fingering weight, which was actually picked out by a dear one who has very good taste in yarn without me even needing to train them...

i also picked up a lot of books while i was in town. another story bookshop in particular grabbed my alt bookworm heart. i actually left most of the books behind for the dear one i stayed with to read eventually. good books are better shared, as far as i'm concerned. i also accidentally left my large project bag (the stowe bag that i sewed earlier this summer) behind after we went foraging with it, so i'll need to sew a new one. clothes and a bag are next on the sewing docket! of course, first i need to deal with the bajillion things currently on my plate - namely, neurocraft, prepping for manitoba fibre fest and knit city, and my book launch, all in the next six weeks. gah! the book should be back from the printers around september 14th, so expect news very soon about the official book launch with wolseley wool! i'm busier than ever, but am trying to retain some of the ease i found in toronto, particularly around prepping and eating proper food. it's so much easier for me to justify cooking for two, but there's actually absolutely no good reason that i don't cook just as well for myself. i'm going to be working on learning how to carve out time to cook for myself on a regular basis again. it's always an ongoing process.

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