Friday, 12 August 2016


i've fallen behind with blog posts, and now i'm about to escape to toronto for an actual vacation! i'm going to unplug (except for my phone), only bring a single knitting project with me, and spend time with a bunch of people i love and miss a lot. it's going to be magical! but first, here's some stuff to tide you over while i'm gone!

flotsam & jetsam is available for pre-order! you can order it from my newly revamped website (it needs some work, but the important thing is that you can now order my book as well as other products directly from my website). books will ship in september, and e-books for pre-orders will be available after i get back from vacation. e-books will be available for individual purchase once the books come back from the printers too.

double scoop has been revamped to match my brand new look, all thanks to f&j. it's so pretty! but the actual pattern hasn't changed except to be cleaned up and made clearer, so if you've already bought it, just update your pattern. and if you haven't bought it, now's a great time to jump on the bandwagon haha.

finally, crocus just went live! it's the first in a mini-collection i've made with julie asselin's yarns, and the other two hats in this collection will be available in september. i wanted to give you all something to do while i go galavanting around the big city, so here's a quick little project to get you all sorted for those cooler nights.

that's all for now! see you on the flip side!

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