Wednesday, 27 July 2016

trans canada doc en route

as some of you may recall, my dear samson (who photographed flotsam & jetsam) was getting ready to embark on a summer of travel and filming while i was visiting him back in the spring for our photoshoot. he and his producer, jake, just left yesterday to continue their travels west after stopping off in winnipeg for a few days. i'll hopefully catch them again on their way back through at the end of the summer, but right now i'm a little bit sad because they're gone and my house is empty.

teaser video for 2016 OUTeast, before the guys hit the road.

this project is huge and really incredible, and i'm super proud of all the work the guys are putting into it. you can follow along on their adventures in the following ways (editing and wifi access means releases are a little bit behind where their current travels are, but they're updating pretty constantly on all platforms!): 

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  1. Thanks for the love Ash! xo from the road!