Tuesday, 19 July 2016

drool-worthy #22 - sheltered

i haven't done a drool-worthy post in months, which is probably because my design to-knit list is so bloody long that i just can't even look at other people's patterns (i mean, i do, but to even consider making them is just too laughable/depressing when i look at my to-do list). andrea mowry always releases patterns that i really enjoy, and if i had the time i would probably make a bunch of them as selfish knits. but i just don't have the time. fast-forward to this morning when andrea released her latest pattern, sheltered, and i'm totally in love. i even bought it! will it hit my needles before the end of 2016? not a chance. will i get to it in 2017? probably not then either. but i don't care, because i love it and will make it someday (probably when i'm no longer working a 9-to-5 on top of my practice).

ok, but you guys, seriously. it has a HOOD! hoods are just practical when you're outside. it blocks the wind and keeps you warmer than a hat and cowl alone.

i also really love the silhouette. big drapey over-layers are my absolute favourite. i think this would be perfect knit up in julie's nurtured yarn or yoth's father base.

did i mention one of my favourite things about andrea is how many tats she has? i love knitters with ink.

and finally, those shorter sleeves are perfect for when you're foraging and don't want your sleeves all caught up in the muckiness of playing in the dirt. i did mention that, right? the whole reason i'm so obsessed with this design is because it's the most perfect layer for wearing while foraging in the woods. maybe i'll take a trip sometime and knit it while i'm on the trip. the relative mindlessness of not needing to be writing a pattern while i knit it kind of lends itself perfectly to road trips. now i just need to convince someone to take me on a road trip...

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