Sunday, 10 July 2016

a mini-collection and more plans

i've been exhausted lately, and just kind of accepting it as a fact without really doing anything about it. last night i decided to go to bed when i felt tired, which was before 10pm. totally unheard of for me. my usual bedtime these days is more like 1am, and i work basically up until the last ten or so minutes before my head hits the pillow. i woke up still tired, with this headache that's just been hanging out for a couple of days now, and decided to prioritize staying at home and getting some work done following my body's rhythms. it's been working so far - i spent the morning cleaning my house, which is something i haven't done properly in ages. there's still various messes in different corners, but floors got vacuumed and mopped, my bathroom got scrubbed, and my dishes got done. i also did a little photoshoot for my latest patterns - a mini-collection of hats using julie asselin's yarns.

hat selfies are hard.

i originally had planned on holding off on these until the fall, but with all my huge projects these days, i really needed a break on big designs to whip off some single skein projects. once i started on them, of course i had to do all three.

you basically just make a bunch of weird faces because otherwise you can't see the hat well.
i haven't named the collection yet, although all three designs have been named. i'll be sending them to nicola soon, but the priority for both of us right now is the book, and she's teching another book too, so they probably won't be ready for testing for a little bit. if you're interested in testing them when they are ready, do give me a shout. i'm tracking testers because so many of my designs have photos but aren't ready for tech editing or testing quite yet. i'll get around to them once the book is off my plate.

or you just straight up cover your face...

i've got a bunch of emails to respond to today and more book layout work to do, but hopefully there are some breaks in there for knitting too. i have yet another concept for a smallish collection (7 patterns is small in my books), and got a little brainstorm last night for the styling. i just need to decide whether to release patterns as they're ready, or hold off on them all and photograph and release them at once. i generally prefer to send my testers designs once i have finalized photos, so i just need to figure out how to juggle things. whatever happens won't get started until the winter, so there's no big rush. i do wish i had more time in the days though, both for work and for sleep!

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