Wednesday, 8 June 2016

tanis fiber arts blanket kal

well, it seems like everyone is just lining up kals right now to keep me on track with all my projects. tanis is running a blanket kal over the summer, and the rules are pretty simple - knit any blanket, any size, with tfa yarn, and cast it on and off between june 24 and september 5. i know what you're thinking, because i'm thinking it too - ash, you're insane. you already have so much you have to do this summer! are you trying to drive yourself into an early grave? 

ok, ok, but hear me out. my friends are having a gayby early this winter, and i had already decided i was going to knit them a baby blanket using the literal rainbow of tfa yarn that's been in my stash for a couple of years. it's mostly from back when i was making undies, and to say that my work priorities have shifted from that would be an understatement. if i manage to get the time to make anyone undies these days, they're for me, dammit. so i've got nearly full skeins of the whole rainbow, plus a couple of other bright skeins, and i think we all know that i don't really do brights in my own wardrobe. a gayby is the perfect excuse to design a baby blanket pattern, use up a whole lot of stash, and make some rainbows. yes yes yes.

now, my plan had been to get around to this after the summer, but i think having a couple of months to be able to plug away at it with an actual deadline (besides the baby's due date) will help keep me on track. also, that big stash of greens and purples i'd pulled out yesterday is going to be for the throw-sized version of the same design (there's actually quite a lot of tfa yarn in that pile as well), and i'm going to have a tough enough time as is staying on track with that. (it's going to end up a selfish knit, and we all know how bad i am with sticking to those, even when they are a design sample too.) so, let's get the baby version on and off my needles, clear out about ten skeins from my stash, and tick another thing off my to-knit list. 

i have to admit, these fairly-open-ruled kals are kind of my best friends right now. the dates are a little stressful, but they sure do help me stay on target. speaking of which, the #tttkal ends on friday! and i should have the second design ready by then too! woot woot! 

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