Sunday, 26 June 2016


well, i ended up changing my mind about waiting to release my new yarn. sylvia convinced me to make it available earlier, and now you can buy it dyed-to-order from my etsy shop! meet the newest addition to the sunflower knit yarn family, rumpelstiltskin.

i named this yarn rumpelstiltskin because of its make-up - 65% silk and 35% linen. it just made sense! and sounded more fun than something like "silken straw", which would also be accurate.

i love this yarn a lot. the two skeins i dyed with mica caps are sitting and waiting for me to get around to knitting with them. i wish i had more time! but i think the design i make with these lovelies won't hit my needles until the fall. ah well, maybe someone else will be quicker than me ha.

i've been settling a little more into my yarn dyeing priorities. with the limited amount of time that i have available to dye on a semi-regular basis, as well as the cost of keeping bases stocked, i've decided to focus primarily on mermaid hair, five of hearts sets, and now rumpelstiltskin. i still have some old stock to sell off, and i'll be able to do a bit of other dyeing for special orders and one-offs, but until anna's fibre csa is underway, i think this will be my main focus. it feels more sustainable, and also features the yarns in my line that i love the most, both for dyeing and for knitting with. and i think if you're going to be selling yarns, you should really love to knit with them too, don't you?

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