Sunday, 29 May 2016

stash dash 2016

a sweater's worth of yoth father!
one of my instagram friends, sarah, got me onto a fabulous initiative by the knit girllls - stash dash! between may 27th and august 21st, you work through your yarn stash and aim for hitting 3k, 5k, 7k, 10k, and 15k levels. that's literally thousands and thousands of...metres. for people who don't work with yarn, if we textilians (a word my friend liz uses) tried to explain the thousands of stitches and metres that go into a project, we'd probably blow their minds. like, hello, nice to see you, that sweater you're wearing is the equivalent amount of yardage to running a mile. hope you like it, because my hands sure were sore afterwards.

julie asselin, yoth, and lichen & lace. i love indie dyers so much!

i have a ridiculous amount of work to do with yarn over the three months. between knitting designs and my neurocraft weaving, i know i'll have no problem hitting the 5k mark. because i don't actually know how many metres will be needed for each weaving i'll be making (beyond that the main large ones will be two metres in length with 216 warp threads each, so 432 metres just in warp yarn times however many weavings i have to make), i don't really want to factor them in for now. it'll just stress me out. but i do know that i have one shirt, two sweaters, a pair of handshoes, and four shawls that for sure need to get done, so that's going to be over 5,000 metres alone. i think it's entirely possible that i could hit the 15k mark, but i'm going to start aiming low and see how it goes. 

mermaid hair for another double scoop and my new silk/linen base that will be used in some weavings.
similar to the tttkal, i love these very open challenges. i can use them as incentive to get work i already had planned done with a deadline outside of my own head, and enjoy the supportive atmosphere of the challenges without getting completely stressed out by them. i'm all over it!

working on a new small version of double scoop for this summer's pattern facelift.
p.s. do you love my new basket as much as i do? my darling friend kristie, who made the baskets we used in the when nature fought back photoshoot last fall, has been making oodles of these fantastic rope vessels. i finally bought myself a foraging basket this weekend, as well as a smaller bowl for a gift, then i went back and bought myself a bowl too because they are the absolute perfect yarn bowls. the rope doesn't catch or snag, and the size and shape is perfect. 

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