Saturday, 28 May 2016

patreon perks 3/3 - batik silk scarves

i've added a new perk to my patreon campaign for those of you who are not quite as knitting-focused - naturally dyed silk scarves! there are a dozen of them (EDIT - now 11!) and they are all available by clicking on this perk. you can see them all in my facebook album, and i'm also sharing them here for you, split according to dyeing technique - shibori, batik, and ecoprinting. you can call dibs on your favourite by shooting me a message when you grab your perk! 

yikes, i fell behind on posting this final batch of scarves because i got sick again and then was doing a bunch of other stuff (like publishing crybaby and feminist killjoy - there will be a blog post up about them soon!). here are the final five scarves in my patreon campaign. they were dyed using a handpainted batik resist method, which is basically painting wax onto the scarf, dyeing it, repeat those steps as often as desired, and then boiling off  the wax to reveal the underlayers of colour. the thing that's fascinating to me is that, because natural dyes are so heat and ph sensitive, the boiling process actually really affects the colours you end up with. for example, i had a very rich shade of fuchsia from a cochineal bath, then batiked it and dipped it in my indigo vat. after boiling off the wax, the cochineal was almost stripped away, but had this lovely faded shade. definitely not a technique if you're looking for a specific end result, but then again, i never really aim for that with natural dyes because you can never predict them 100%. that's the fun of them!

scarf #4.

scarf #5.

scarf #6.

scarf #7.

scarf #8.

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