Monday, 16 May 2016

patreon perks 2/3 - ecoprinted silk scarves

i've added a new perk to my patreon campaign for those of you who are not quite as knitting-focused - naturally dyed silk scarves! there are a dozen of them (EDIT - now 11!) and they are all available by clicking on this perk. you can see them all in my facebook album, and i'm also sharing them here for you, split according to dyeing technique - shibori, batik, and ecoprinting. you can call dibs on your favourite by shooting me a message when you grab your perk! 

next up, four scarves featuring my favourite printing technique - eco-prints! they are more subtle than most of the other scarves, and always so incredibly satisfying in their unpredictability. although staring at these photos right now, i'm reminded once again that i really need to invest in getting lightroom and learning how to use it...i have some vacation days coming up. maybe i'll earmark a couple to learning that software. because, y'know, i have nothing better to be doing.

scarf #12.
scarf #11.
scarf #10.
scarf #9.

stay tuned tomorrow for the last instalment, featuring the final five scarves! 

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