Tuesday, 31 May 2016

emotional creature

today it's rainy and gray and cold, which in my mind is the perfect time to escape to the woods. instead, i'm in the city with paperwork and deadlines up to my eyeballs, so i'm in a bit of a cranky mood. it'll shift (probably when the sun appears again - i've realized in the past six months or so that the weather severely affects my base mood, which is interesting and sometimes annoying). it's the perfect excuse to share my emotional creature mini-collection, which i released last week. take advantage of the crank in some way, i figure!

crybaby on the left, feminist killjoy on the right.
crybaby and feminist killjoy (which i'm actually wearing today, along with a new wiksten dress) were designed with hedgehog fibres' skinny singles. it's actually all thanks to beata and her team coming up with their new crybaby colourway. as soon as i saw it, i knew i wanted to design a shawl with it. there's a running joke (which is also just true) that i'm a crybaby, and i thought, what better excuse to design a huge and cozy shawl? both shawls feature garter stitch and simple eyelet stripes, because sometimes you just can't and you need something easy and soothing to knit, as well as teardrops shaped with short rows. because short rows are the best! and we should be able to wear all the feels all the time too. 


crybaby is the crescent-shaped version of the pair. it's long and drapey and perfect for wrapping around your neck like a piece of squishy armour. 

chilling with my favourite bone.
feminist killjoy is the triangular version. it's huge and deep and my new favourite shawl to wear. it's also a bit of a fortuitous accident, because i got a couple of skeins of hedgehog's construct colourway  at the same time as the crybaby ones and it's totally my colour - purple-grey with undertones of rust. beata is the queen of speckles as far as i'm concerned, and the layers of colour in her yarns are so much richer for it. 

you can get both shawls and get an automatic 25% off, or get whichever one you prefer now (and grab the other at a later date hehe). 

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