Friday, 15 April 2016

stowe bag

i sewed myself a stowe bag last thursday before heading off for the wolseley wool retreat. then my patches came in from trashedy, and i knew the rewild patch needed to get in on the fun! this bag is the large sized version, and i made a few modifications - i opted to skip the inner pockets and instead create a fully lined interior (i'm tough on bags, as we've established by this point), and i couldn't actually figure out the instructions for the bottom structure of the bag, so there is none (my sewing skills are still beginner in a lot of ways). i'm still totally in love with the bag, which fills in my need for a larger knitting project bag. now i just need to do an in-between - larger than the single skein that my other two bags are perfect for, and smaller than this sweater-sized bag. i need a two-skein-sized bag, methinks. 

the next four design projects in my queue all fit into this beauty! it was very sunny in my studio when i took this photo.

the fabric i used is a remnant of cotton chambray that i picked up at patch halifax for the outer side, and the interior fabric is an old stash remnant that i picked up when i used to live in london. i think they look fantastic together, and the bag is actually fully reversible thanks to the lining construction i did. originally i was going to handstitch the patch on, but then i realized that machine stitching would a) save me time and b) probably result in fewer snagged needles. it's the perfect finishing touch to this baby. i whipped it up in a few hours, and probably would be able to do it much quicker next time by remembering how to stitch the handles together before turning the piece right-side-out...

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  1. Beautiful! I've ordered my own patch and will make my own Stowe bag, thank you for sharing.