Sunday, 10 April 2016

starry starry night

i designed a new shawl for the annual wolseley wool fibre arts retreat using my friend hilori's matrix yarn. hilori does fantastic gradients using acid dyes (she created a custom colourway for flotsam & jetsam!), and when i saw this particular one, called kara thrace & her special destiny, my immediate thought was, "oh my goodness, it looks like van gogh's starry night!" so i decided to design a shawl to show off the gradient, full of stars. meet starry starry night!

the 5-into-5 stitch isn't too complicated once you get used to it, but it's definitely one that i would strongly suggest calls for metal lace-tip needles. it's an easy repeat, so if you wanted a bigger shawl, you could definitely just keep going into a second skein! as is, i think it's the perfect size for summer wear. not that summer is anywhere on our horizon here in the canadian prairies...i hold out hope though. 

the pattern was exclusive for retreat participants, which took place this weekend, but now it's available for everyone!

i took the photos selfie-style in my studio, and sylvia edited them for me with her magical touch (p.s. you can totally commission sylvia to use that magical touch on your photos too)! i think these are some of my favourites, just because the colours are so bright (not my usual) and my tattoos manage to play such a big role in the photos. yay! 

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