Tuesday, 12 April 2016


i released a new shawl yesterday called fiddlehead, and it's getting some lovely responses from folks already! i've been wearing it because our spring weather has decided that -20 windchills are appropriate (it's supposed to be +20 within the week...i give up). i've always thought that lopi would be the bane of my sensitive skin (i've knit with it several times before, but never for something worn close to the face). i'm not sure if it's just that my face is so happy to be surrounded by warmth or what, but it's not itchy for me at all! which is a bit of a miracle. of course, you can totally knit it in a different yarn if you're nervous about the lopi. 

this design was inspired by tolt's icelandic wool month, which took place in march. me being the clever (not) nut that i am, i decided that whipping out a new design in celebration of it was a great idea. really, i just wanted an excuse to work with a gradient of l├ętt-lopi because seeing them every week at knit night was too distracting. the knit night crew at wolseley wool helped me settle on the green gradient, and i was off! well, almost. i had a couple of other projects i also had to finish first. but this was a relatively quick knit, considering the pile of other things i had on my plate, and i'm very happy with how it turned out.

i took the photos during the wolseley wool fibre arts retreat in the whiteshell this past weekend. i get very tired very quickly when i'm surrounded by large groups of people, and after teaching my own workshop and then attending another, i needed to spend some time by myself. so i went out into the cold (very cold...don't do photoshoots in negative degree weather with metal tripods and no mitts) and snapped the shots. i was happy with how the birch trees and snow helped to show off the green in the shawl! 

the shawl pin used in the photos is one of the moons that kristan macintyre made for me for the when nature fought back photoshoot. you might recognize it from harvest moon. copper and green are just meant to go together...

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