Tuesday, 5 April 2016

drool-worthy #21 - shawl month

stephen west has declared april to be shawl month, and i am 100% ok with that. there have been a bunch of beautiful shawl releases in the past couple of days, and i'll be releasing two shawl patterns within the next week (surprise!), and i also have some really beautiful new yarn destined for a shawl release. also, april is my birth month and i love shawls. so there we go! it was meant to be. let's start with the beauties made by other folks. 

shannon cook just released this absolutely stunning shawl using julie asselin's nurtured yarn. i am more than mildly biased in my drooling here, because i think both of these ladies are spectacular, and also because i have a stack of nurtured myself that's destined for a shawl design (set to release late summer, but we'll see whether i bump that up or not). also, one of the patterns in flotsam & jetsam also uses this yarn. can you tell it's one of my absolute favourites?


next up, veronika jobe (another one of my favourite fibre folks) just released a new design using her yoth yarn's mother base. i am a huge fan of the eyelet buttonholes when it comes to a shawl (i used a similar technique with the bootstrap lace on deconstruction), and the beautiful warmth and lightness of yoth's laceweight yarn is just so lovely to imagine wrapping up in. perfect for that temperamental april weather. cast in point - it's currently snowing. sigh.


joji created a gorgeous shawl with a different shape for sundara's petal collection. i really enjoy shawls that take construction in a different direction, and this definitely falls in that category. also, it's huge!

starry starry night.
i designed starry starry night for the wolseley wool retreat this weekend. it'll be available to everyone on sunday after the retreat, and i'll have a full blog post for it around then as well. but i just love how the photos turned out for it. it's so bright and cheery, which is totally not my usual tone haha. sylvia did some magical photo editing for me once i took the pics selfie-style in my studio last weekend. 

crybaby on skinny singles.

i have another pattern to be released right after (monday is the goal!), but i haven't got photos of it yet. in fact, i'm still knitting the sample. my test knitter and tech editor have both dealt with the pattern, so it's just a matter of finishing the sample and taking photos out in the whiteshell this weekend. and i just got yarn from hedgehog fibres! i'll be designing a shawl using their crybaby colourway on skinny singles for this collaboration, and originally i'd planned on making it a later project and release date. but i'm so in love with it, and i think it would be a nice project to take with me for the weekend. (i'm bringing other projects too, of course. other shawls, in fact.) i have some other yarn from hedgehog as well, which would maybe make a great companion shawl or maybe will just be a standalone design. i haven't decided yet. so it will be a month full of shawls, and i should have this crybaby pattern ready for test knitters later this month, unless i decide to hold onto it while i develop a companion piece. we'll see. keep an eye on my social media for updates, as always.

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