Sunday, 20 March 2016

sunlight and certain darkness

my dear friend sylvia has re-released her fabulous shawl the sunlight shawl for sad people and also released a sister shawl for it, a certain darkness. both are triangular shawls that are perfect for beginners or for experienced knitters looking for a bit of a break. 

the fabulous vivienne mcmaster took these selfie-style shots.
the sunlight shawl uses my mermaid hair yarn, and right now you can get a free set of stitch markers ($7 value!) with any dyed-to-order purchase of mermaid hair from my etsy shop. just add the word SUNLIGHT into the "notes to seller" and you'll be good to go! i have just landed back in flatland and will be getting right to my dyepots, so orders should be shipping by the end of next weekend (the drying and reskeining/caking takes the most time in the whole process).

i test knit a certain darkness for sylvia using one of my 5 of hearts mini sets. these babies are only available in-person or in-store, but luckily for those of you out on the west coast, baaad anna's in vancouver will be receiving both my test knit as a sample as well as some 5 of hearts sets for purchase. i have affectionately named my sample easter barf, because, well, those colours from indigo, logwood, and cochineal basically look like an easter bunny barfed all over the yarn. in the most fabulous way. 

samson took a bunch of fantastic photos for me. if you're thinking hey, that hat is pretty great too!, have no fear! i'll be releasing the pattern for it in a couple of weeks. remember how i'm raising my prices on april 2nd? i'll also be publishing patterns around the same time. so grab some of your favourites right now, and then get ready for some newbies in a couple of weeks!

happy vernal equinox, lovers. i have to get my nose back to the grindstone with a presentation to prep for tomorrow and then a bunch of yarn things to catch up on, and i'm feeling very jetlagged, so i want to take advantage of typing fingers for as long as possible. 

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