Thursday, 10 March 2016

sewing plans, post-photoshoot

the insanity of pulling together the photoshoot is nearly over. one of the things i learned most during this time (besides the whole "give yourself more time" bit...although i feel like i'm constantly relearning that lesson with every project i undertake) is that it really doesn't take me very long to sew a new item. i mean, i can whip up a dress in an evening if i have the materials. so the concept which had previously been a bit daunting to me - working to shift as much of my wardrobe over to handmade/me-made as possible this year - is no longer quite so daunting. and i'm slowly getting more confident in my sewing and finishing abilities, which means branching out into more and more complicated projects. there are some really fabulous patterns i've come across recently, so i thought i'd share them with you all. here are my hopefully-not-too-distant-future additions to my me-made wardrobe:

hampshire trouser by cali faye collection.
i have yet to attempt sewing my own pants. my hip-to-waist ratio is typically a 2-size difference, with most of that being my ass, which means doing a lot of adjustments to get the right fit. and i am a lazy sewer. but i seriously love these pants, and they have the silhouette that i like on my body. so i'm hoping i can tackle them sooner rather than later. 

grainline studio's stowe bag.
since getting knitting project bags from both anna and mel, i haven't turned back. they are so convenient for public knitting, and comfortable, and much better looking than a tote bag, especially when out at events. but both of my bags are small - the perfect size for a hat or small shawl, but as soon as you start getting into multiple skeins, it gets squishy. i want a bag that will fit a sweater. so i think the stowe bag is going to be my go-to project for this. 

grainline studio's driftless cardigan.
lightweight cardigans are my go-to layering piece. but most patterns i see are more feminine/fitted/fancy pants than i like. i want shapeless, long sleeves, big pockets, low neck. so how convenient that grainline read my mind and designed exactly that! 

sewaholic's harwood dress.

i actually just made myself a harwood dress on sunday. but i want to make more! the one i made is for the photoshoot and is a beautiful solid latte-coloured cotton voile with vintage shell buttons. i want to make more in different colours and fabrics. this pattern, which actually is sized exactly to my measurements (how the hell did that happen?), fits like a tee, is the perfect balance of detailed and simple/femme and functional, and is deceptively simple to sew. so i want multiples. and based on the fit of it, more of sewaholic's patterns in general. 

deer & doe's chemise mélilot.
deer & doe was my first introduction to indie sewing companies, and they continue to be a favourite of mine. their patterns fit me right on, and they're always great for my pear-shaped figure (hello, beautiful model there). they've just released their spring 2016 collection, and i'm in love with the button-up top. the dropped shoulders and mandarin collar option make it the perfect level of tough femme. i definitely would like to sew up a couple of these, and then wear a high-waisted pencil skirt. basically, i would just like to steal this whole outfit. 

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