Wednesday, 9 March 2016

drool-worthy #20 - the fell garth collection

i feel like i'm on autopilot right now with all the final prep work for the photoshoot. i'm sure a number of you are already aware of this because of all my instagram activity, but i'm also trying to get three designs besides those for the book ready for release in early april. one of those samples is knit, one is underway, and one is hopefully going to be knit, blocked, and photographed while i'm away next week (if you're interested in test knitting either a simple hat or one of two shawls, give me a shout!). there are some really incredible designs hitting the world right now by other designers, though, and one batch of those is the fell garth collection by melanie berg and emma wright for the fibre co


some of it is just how beautiful the photos are. there is nothing that i don't absolutely love about this photo. 


seeing such a gorgeous collection is also making me wish doing such large projects, like the book, didn't take such a long time. i mean, they're huge, so it makes sense that they take a long time, but i have also been feeling like i've fallen behind with my publishing. i have so many ideas, and haven't published a new pattern since december because my focus has been on the book. so come april, i'm going to try to play a bit of catch-up. i also have another big project scheduled for after the book's test knitting is underway, but i'm going to try and schedule that a little bit better so i am able to devote time to it and focus on it while also regularly putting out single patterns. 

i love all of the fibre co.'s yarns. one of the book designs uses their canopy fingering, and it's just the most beautiful and luxurious thing to put next to your skin. i actually have one skein left over, and plans for an instagram giveaway once i return from out keep an eye out, because maybe you can get your fingers on the same beautiful stuff. 

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