Tuesday, 22 March 2016

back and forward

i'm back in flatland after my trip to the east coast, and it's all steam ahead as i tuck into the various projects i have on the go and had on the backburner leading up to the photoshoot. samson took absolutely gorgeous photos of all the knits for the book, and i hate having to wait months to show them to you. so i've decided i will leak sneak peeks over the next few months. nothing that will truly give away a pattern, but at least you'll get an idea of what's to come before the book actually launches. i will probably keep the leaks focused primarily to instagram and ello, although you might find them on facebook as well.

speaking of instagram, i'm hosting a giveaway later this week! it's to celebrate the release of my first pattern since december (such a long hiatus, i know), as well as the re-release of flopster, not to mention the fact that i'm about to hit 1000 followers on instagram. there will be some really fantastic prizes, including stuff from anna hunter, grace boyd, and the fibre co., (as well as me, of course), so keep an eye out for the announcement. you can enter via instagram but there will also be bonus entries coinciding with support for my patreon campaign for the book.

i have three patterns set for release between now and the middle of april, which means cracking down on my sample knitting to get the photos ready on time. and i am also back at my dyepots, which is such a beautiful feeling. i have etsy orders to fill thanks to my collaboration with sylvia on the sunlight shawl for sad people, mini skein sets to organize for baaad anna's in vancouver, and a couple of skeins to rinse and dry for the manitoba craft hub's social's auction. i dyed those with the black walnut hulls from when i made my almada robe, and the colour is out-of-this-world delicious. i'm going to simmer the remainder of the pot down into ink. black walnuts may be my new favourite dye stuff. oh, and i'm in the process of sorting out which of my existing stash will be headed to halifax for the loop! this is actually really exciting for me, because one of my goals for this year(ish) was to sell my yarn in halifax, vancouver, and winnipeg. that's basically the most capacity i have at the moment for selling my yarns, and i chose those three cities because they are all different home bases to me and cover canada in a pretty nice way. so the fact that i'll be in all three locations by april is super exciting! 

i have to get started on my neurocraft projects, and the first is a quilt with handstitching and embroidery. it's kind of nice, because it's a project that i can chip away at in smaller increments. i also have a couple of other larger sewing/stitching projects to get started on, but all have deadlines that are several months away, so it's kind of nice. stuff to do without totally overwhelming me.

speaking of sewing, i am continuing with my handmade wardrobe and life. i really got into sewing my own clothes as i prepped for the photoshoot, but now that it's over, i still have lots of plans. i really enjoy sewing my own clothes and knowing that no one else will be wearing what i'm wearing, and now i can do it at a slightly more leisurely pace. the chambray remnant that i picked up at patch halifax is up first, destined for a stowe bag, and once the patches that i ordered from this german artist on etsy arrive, i'm going to handstitch one of them onto the bag. i'm excited to make a bag large enough for my larger knitting projects, especially since i have a sweater and top pattern in my to-do-soon list. and i have my kenedy dress to finish, which will pair nicely with one of the designs i have set to release in april. 

so, like always, i have lots on the go. i have pattern drafts to finish and send to nicola for tech editing, a garment grading course to complete, several backburner designs to get out into test knitting and then the world, and then all the non-fibre parts of my life too. but i feel relaxed about it all, at least at this point, and content with making time for all of the different projects, including some selfish projects and projects for dear ones. it's the calm after and before the storm, and i am relishing in it. 

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