Sunday, 6 March 2016

almada robe

i think yesterday was the first day in months where i didn't knit a single stitch. i head to nova scotia in less than a week, and so i'm trying to get all the things i have planned done before i leave. as it stands, i'm still likely going to need to block three shawls while i'm out there. somehow. magically. without bothering the cat...but those are not for the book. they are for two releases set for april (one maybe for the end of the month...maybe), and one for a kal. i'm focusing on getting all the photoshoot items ready right now though. and two other sews that aren't actually for the book's photoshoot, but that i want and want to bring with me. one of which is my almada robe!

almada was one of the seamwork mag designs from the february issue, and i totally fell in love with it. it's designed for lightweight fabrics, but they also mentioned in one of the articles that a light linen would work. which is totally up my alley, because i love the idea of something decadent without being so luxurious that i feel like i need a special occasion to wear it. 

this is a total lie. i look nice and relaxed with my knitting, but i didn't actually knit at all yesterday.
i bought an undyed linen, which i then popped into a dye pot with black walnut hulls. the hulls soaked for 24 hours before i added the scoured but unmordanted linen, then i applied heat for several hours before turning off the heat and leaving the fabric in the pot for a couple more days. the result was this beautiful cafe latte colour after rinsing and washing. 

i love the ecoprint left by one of the walnut hulls.
i had this cath kidston bias tape in my sewing box from when i lived in london a few years ago. i had never found quite the right project for it, until this one. i love how the colours pop just enough. nothing overpowers anything else in this robe. it was a really lovely sew, which took a little longer than i anticipated, but that's because i actually took my time on the finishing details. totally worth it.

i spent the rest of the day working on my harwood dress from sewaholic patterns (based out of vancouver!), and it's almost done! i'm totally in love with it. it fits like a glove, and is just really beautiful. it's replacing my failed dottie angel frock for the photoshoot. i'll have photos once it's ready, although maybe i won't have any decent ones until i get to nova scotia. weekends are kind of my main time for photos, since i'm actually around the house to catch the daylight. i am also hoping to get kenedy from this month's seamwork mag sewn before i leave. if i don't, it won't be the end of the world, but i do think it would look lovely with one of the april releases...

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