Tuesday, 16 February 2016

raising prices

this blog post is more of an fyi than anything else, but i thought i should give you all a heads up:

the faultline tank will go from $7 to $8, while deer heart will go from $6.50 to $7.50. 
i'll be raising the prices of all my self-published patterns on april 2nd. 

harvest moon will go from $7 to $8 on april 2nd.
shawls and garments will go up by $1 and smaller accessories will go up by $0.50.

undertow will go from $5 to $5.50. 

why? well, there are a lot of reasons, the vast majority of which are tied into the terrible canadian dollar and how that's affecting everything from sales through the cost of materials and shipping. but also, this isn't just a hobby for me. it's my business. and while i dislike the idea of making something out of reach for folks, i also have major issues with not placing appropriate economic value on creative products. because we live in a capitalist society, and denying that in some attempt to circumvent the awfulness of that doesn't actually hurt capitalism - it hurts the artists trying to survive within it. there are other ways i can challenge capitalism - with energy exchanges, skills swaps, handmade care packages, donating my time or products to causes i care about (like the yarn i'm donating to manitoba craft council's craft social auction in april). but submitting to the super fucked-up idea that because i love what i do, somehow that is enough payment within itself and i don't need to make money from my products, is bullshit. and doesn't help me pay my bills, or get to a point of financial stability so that i can focus solely on my craft. 

prince charming will go from $6 to $6.50.
other designers are also raising their prices. maybe for the same reasons as me, maybe for other reasons. but for those of us in the industry to actually be supporting one another and furthering the industry (and especially for something that far too many people don't take seriously as being an actual pay-the-bills occupation), we shouldn't be undercutting one another. if there is an industry standard of $7 for a shawl, and you have a shawl pattern that is well-written/tested/tech edited/clearly laid out/features high quality photography/is original, then you should be charging that industry standard. charging less than that, or significantly more, muddies the waters. at least as far as i'm concerned. i take my work seriously and i hold my work to a high standard, so i charge the industry standard. and that standard has raised within the past season. 

double scoop will go from $6 to $7, but you can get it right now for 25% off too. it's getting a facelift later this year!
so, i am raising my prices. in a month and a half. in the meantime, now is a great time to stock up on 
my patterns at their current prices. and both double scoop and flopster are on 25% off through april 1st using the code REVAMP because i'll be re-releasing them later this year. if you purchase a pattern now, you will receive the update when it becomes available later, so don't fret about that. 

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