Sunday, 28 February 2016

busy busy bee

i am twelve days away from heading out east for the book's photoshoot, and all the knits are ready! well, almost. there's some blocking and finishing still to do. but the knitting itself is done, and that means i can start dealing with all the non-knitting aspects of the photoshoot - make-up, non-knitted accessories, and sewing the outfits. i finished off one of those outfits this afternoon and had my camera out for other things anyway, so i decided to have some fun. i know i'm pretty quiet on this front lately and it's because i'm buried in fibre, but i figured you might enjoy joining me in the fun little side projects of this huge endeavour. i promise to say more soon! sylvia and i have some exciting stuff coming up very shortly, and there will be sneak peeks after samson and i finish up along the ocean. in the meantime, here i am messing around in my studio in between taxes and magazine submissions: 

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