Saturday, 16 January 2016

nautical nonsense

i bought this item of clothing when i lived in the uk. it has all the elements i love in clothing - leather buckles, pockets, cute femme detailing juxtaposed with some tough canvas. and believe it or not, it was actually originally long enough to be a short dress. several years of wear and washing have now shrunk it up to a hip-hitting top that is just a little too snug on the rib cage. i couldn't bring myself to part with it during a recent clothing swap though, and i have some plans for it which will maybe happen sooner rather than later.

first up, i'm going to hack the pattern so that i can make myself another one. i took a clothing hack workshop while i lived in london, and i think that the details in this are simple enough that i can do it and not be totally frustrated with it. hacking it will also allow me to make the necessary adjustments to the pattern for a new and better fit - lengthen the dress (a lot - right now it comes to the top of my hipbones), lower the armholes a bit, and add an inch or so to the bodice so it's still form-fitting but not strangling my rib cage when i try to yawn. i have no idea what fabric i'll use, but i'm thinking it will be a similar weight. probably plain. and i'm going to use the straps, hidden zipper, and the pockets from the original on the new version. maybe also the little bib detailing at the top as well, to tie in the contrast pockets. i think it'd be cute.

the fabric that will be left over once i pull it apart won't be useful for any particular new garment as a whole, but i do love the utilitarian feel of this nautical canvas. so i think it'll be perfect for little pouches and project bags! i want to make some zippered pouches to hold more knitting and sewing notions, and i also need to make myself a travel cosmetic bag because for some reason, i don't have one of those anymore. cute stripes and durable outer fabric for practical items seems like the perfect way to use up the leftovers.

so there you have it! i have no idea when i'll actually get around to doing it, of course. i would like to have the dress made for the photoshoot in march, but i think that's going to depend on how i'm doing with my knitting. i can knock off a wiksten in an evening after work, but this is more of a weekend project at my sewing speed. fingers crossed i can get something sorted. maybe i'll just steal the leather buckles for a shift dress for the photoshoot and then sort out the rest of it later...

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