Wednesday, 13 January 2016

drool-worthy #19 - brooklyn tweed's winter 16 collection

so it seems like i go from no drool-worthy posts for months to two back-to-back. but really, can you blame me? the latest brooklyn tweed collection is out and it is unsurprisingly full of beautiful things that i would just love to knit and wear.

this tunic by veronik avery is the absolute perfect tunic - cozy, simple, just long enough, and with loose enough sleeves to not be annoying. i don't even like turtlenecks and yet i love this one. i've actually been thinking recently about tunics within knit design, because i have a couple up my sleeve and other ideas but it just keeps coming down to would i actually want to wear that? chances are good that if i wouldn't, i just won't knit it. i have enough ideas swirling around in my head at any given time that i can afford to focus a bit (aka i will never ever get around to knitting all the things i want to knit, but a knitter can dream, right?). this manages to take multiple elements i wouldn't have thought would work for me and made me fall in love, so maybe i just need to take a leap sometimes.

this hat is just gorgeous. like, the absolute perfect stitch design. and it uses brooklyn tweed's latest yarn, the bulky quarry! i've been wanting to get my hands on some to try it out, because a) it looks beautiful and b) i always hold out this little bit of hope that i will actually enjoy knitting with bt's yarns. when i lived in london, i bought both loft and shelter, and while shelter was pretty lovely and not too much of a pain, loft made me want to tear my hair out. three different skeins in three different perfect tweedy gorgeous colours, and all three broke multiple times during project cast-ons. ughhhhhhhh. i don't even have a tight tension, nor do i hold my yarn roughly, but fuck me if it didn't break every twenty stitches or so. so now i'm gun-shy. but i desperately want to find one of their yarns that i trust enough to design with at some point, and i'm hoping that quarry will be that yarn. and then eventually figure out how to deal with loft, because a light and airy lace shawl that is also rustic and tweedy is basically the definition of my knitting fantasy. 

i'm doing a lot of cables right now, and as tedious as they can be to knit sometimes, they are just the ultimate cozy thing. and so is this sweater. oof. 

ohmygoodnessohmygoodness, lace

go check out the rest of the collection. it's actually quite colourful, i'm just really in love with neutrals. and this particular model's wardrobe. can i just borrow all of those clothes, and knits, and that ring, and that hairstyle? but with my undercut. i've had it for five years and it isn't going anywhere. 

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