Friday, 1 January 2016

drool-worthy #18 - "shine" by sylvia bo bilvia

happy new year! it's been ages since i've done a drool-worthy post, so how appropriate that my first post of 2016 is a drool-worthy featuring my friend sylvia's latest pattern, shine!

i've been a little up and down with my moods lately - holiday season makes me stir-crazy, full of energy, and also extra hermity all at once. i love it, but i do tend to get more of the feels than usual. and new year's eve is way worse than xmas for me. xmas is 100% family time, i know what to expect, and i don't feel any desire or pressure to be more social than i feel like being. new year's eve, on the other hand, is weird as an adult. there is strange societal pressure to go out, be surrounded by humans, get drunk and be merry, find that midnight kiss, and then wake up happy and cheery. which is actually kind of hilarious, because how many of us can actually identify a party (especially one involving alcohol, strangers and/or casual acquaintances, and expectations of making out) where some drama doesn't go down and people don't want to peace out before the evening is over? never mind the fact that i am notorious for getting tipsy quickly, sobering up even faster, and then just getting cranky and wanting to sleep, and more and more often actually feeling hung over the next morning (i don't drink that much these days). as an introvert, new year's eve is kind of the bane of my existence. and i'm ok with not wanting to go out and opting instead to have fondue at my parents' house like i did every year as a kid. but i still have this nagging sense of maybe i should try being social just this once... so i'm a little more sensitive than usual. and have been waking up a little melancholy. so yesterday, when i woke up and checked instagram and saw this super cheery lovely shawl, i was instantly happier and was reminded that my moods are just more sensitive than usual and that's all totally fine.

i've been wanting to add more selfish knits into my wardrobe, especially after spending so much of 2015 working on larger collections, and i also want to clear out more of my stash. so how perfect that this shawl, with its squishy garter and short rows and multiple cheery colours and lacy edge, should appear just in time for me to amend my handmade wardrobe goals for 2016 to add it in. i'm thinking that my trip to nova scotia will be a selfish knits trip - finish off that purl bee shirt, knit the hat design i've been planning for ages, and knit this shawl. the perfect amount of knitting for a week and a half with a couple of flying days. 

so thanks, sylvia, for cheering me up so easily, and thank you for the beautiful pattern! i can't wait to cast on. i hope you all have some selfish making plans for 2016, and that you enjoyed your new year's eve, and even if you didn't, it's just one night in a year of hundreds of nights. there are many more chances to have fun and make out and sleep and stay up until dawn and celebrate and make plans and reflect and move on. 

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