Thursday, 31 December 2015

glance back, step forward

this will be the third year in a row that i look back on my year and plan some resolutions for the upcoming one. the rule of three is a good one in my books, and 2015 has certainly been an incredible year for me.

last year's resolutions were as follows (i've crossed out the ones i accomplished, or at least worked on a lot):
-host at least two shows this year (art/fibre/performance)
-finally get my half-sleeve…i've been planning it for five years now
-dance more often
-cultivate the openness i felt at my residency last summer
-do more residencies
-collaborate with inspiring people
-learn the ukulele? (this one is dependent on when i get Ășlfur back)
-indulge in all aspects of food - the growing, the prep, the eating, even the clean-up
-do things that make me happy, and reevaluate things that don't
-listen to my gut
-continue playing with and learning about natural dyes
-find the ritual in the everyday
-work on my photography skills
-escape to the woods more often

-fix up my website and actually keep it up-to-date
-get better at grant writing
-love my feet (this is an ongoing process)
-learn to drive…again

not too shabby! of course, a lot of this can always continue, but i'd say 2015 was pretty damn great. you can go listen to my latest podcast episode if you want to hear a bit more detail of the major things i did this year.

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my resolutions and goals for 2016 are as follows (like i said, a lot of last year's can carry over too):
-publish my first book
-finish at least six selfish knits
-cull my wardrobe to items i really love and wear, with as much of it me-made or handmade as possible
-refine my sewing skills with large and small projects
-relearn how to balance eating healthy with crazy working deadlines
-get my septum pierced (i've been thinking about it for about three years)
-reconnect with my body regularly
-keep at least one plant alive for the length of its natural season
-engage in everyday ritual
-love openly in all aspects
-continue growing self-awareness without self-judgement
-use my colouring book
-take time off without feeling guilty (this can be five minutes, an hour, a day...)
-stay on top of my emails and communications
-check my bank account regularly to help with financial management
-say yes more, and also not be afraid to say no
-go on more nerdy friend dates
-make tiny coven collective a thing

2016 will be a good year full of projects, i know and feel it already. i have a large project in the realm of my conceptual craft practice that i'll be able to reveal in the coming weeks. the book will take up most of the year with its various steps. i'm hoping to have my program in arts and cultural management totally completed by next december. several shows and collaborations are already in the planning/scheduling stages, and i'm crossing my fingers that tiny coven collective gets off to a good start. and i'll finally get back to nova scotia after a year and a half away from it. watching it from afar, there's a lot that makes me happy about not currently living there, but there are a lot of people who i love and miss who are still there, and i always always always miss the ocean. it's an ongoing ache in the centre of my bones. visiting the waves and feeling the salt on my skin this spring will be a really beautiful experience. 

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