Sunday, 22 November 2015

winter is here

global warming seems to have delayed winter for a lot of us here in canada this year, but it's finally making an appearance here in winnipeg. luckily, it gave me enough of a break to walk the boxes for wolseley wool's retreat this weekend over on knit night (i don't live that far away, but let's face it - who really wants to carry two huge boxes anywhere when there's ice and snow?). the appearance of snow heralds several things for me: the annual random half-hour nosebleeds (none yet, knock on wood); xmas crafting, or at least the dreams of xmas crafting (i should probably just do that in july so i actually have time come december); watching the family stone on repeat and crying every single time at the end (yes, i am a huge crybaby). 

this year, it also means juggling the when nature fought back kal, which i am actually participating in insofar as i'm using it as an excuse to knit ashtyn's harvest moon; prepping for the ruby street studios holiday open studio sale (see the above note about xmas crafting...); pulling myself together for my first fridays exhibition with manitoba craft council; trying to get these final 6 patterns that have been in the queue published before the end of december; making xmas gifts (my list of people to gift to is significantly smaller than it used to be, but it's still a bit ridiculous, plus i rarely buy gifts for people, and if i do, they're carefully sought out from other makers); attending approximately one bajillion workshops and art shows; updating my website because it is in such a sorry state and i really should get a more polished and updated look going with all the projects that are popping up; and working on a really huge project that i am so excited about and also terrified for. things are chugging away with it, but the holiday season really does steal my days away from me. in the most beautiful and family/friend-focused ways, but still. 

so here are some updates, in photo form:

don't forget that the when nature fought back kal runs until december 1st and there are prizes!

prince charming is my latest design! it's a super squishy brioche cowl that is perfect for keeping your charming ones warm this season, and it's 50% off through december 24th!

yellow brick road is currently an exclusive design for wolseley wool's retreat, but it will be made available on december 1st to the rest of you through ravelry! 

tiny specimens that will be seen at the exhibit.

when nature fought back will be up at the manitoba craft council office at 553-70 arthur street from december 4 to january 4. i'll be there on the first evening for the opening with cookies and wine. come say hi!

the first annual ruby street studios holiday open studio sale (i will figure out a more clever/shorter name someday...) will be at my home studio on december 12 and 13 from 10-4 each day. rsvp here. melanie wesley and kami goertz will be joining me with their fabulous fibre offerings, and i'll have more five of hearts sets (available in-store and in-person only!) and stitch markers to fill your stockings with!

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