Saturday, 14 November 2015

scheming, or, how to fit it all in when you have no time

over the past two weeks, i have confirmed and settled a number of rather large aspects of a project i'm working on. it'll remain a mostly secret project until next spring, but if you've been following me on instagram, you already know the main gist of it - i'm working on another big collection! more details will be released over the coming months, but for now, just keep in the back of your mind that i'll be making some pretty exciting announcements next spring.

your welcomer into ruby street studios. 
so what does this have to do scheming? well, it's a rather massive undertaking. and one that i am doing while working a 9-to-5, taking an arts and cultural management program, and doing multiple shows and sales. i also have been picking up more occasional shifts at my other job and am doing several workshops in just the next month or so in a variety of areas that will ultimately help me be more skilled and more efficient at my work and practice. but basically, i don't sleep all that much these days. 

my concept of balance  isn't exactly that balanced, except in terms of one type of work versus another type of work. days off don't exist for me. to be completely honest, i don't do well with days off. my idea of relaxing is knitting something that doesn't involve too much of my brain while watching netflix, and maybe taking time to bake something. maybe if it was easier for me to escape to the woods, then i could add going for hikes into that. then i would prefer to hike, sit for a break on some rocks or along a shoreline and knit, and then hike some more. that would be a lovely day off. but i am a non-driver, and right now i live in the middle of a city that is surrounded by farm fields rather than woodlands or oceans. so my days off really just resemble slightly less intense work days. which i did do on wednesday, so i am proud of myself for that.

none of this should be taken as a grumbling. i'm doing all of these things because i either a) love it so much that i enjoy pushing myself to the limits that i am or b) don't love it that much but it's a necessity to be doing what i love. the main lesson i'm trying to learn with it all is to not guilt myself if i take a break and do nothing for thirty minutes, or an hour, or if i lay in bed past 8am on a sunday (probably i have worked until 1 or 2am on saturday anyway). the guilt is the thing that's the hardest to deal with. especially when you're a naturally anxious creature already. it's a learning process. part of that process is becoming more efficient so i'm being smarter with my time, and another part is learning from mistakes when i fuck up (which is relatively often), and then letting go of the guilt that lingers after dealing with those mistakes.

oh, speaking of being busy, when nature fought back will be at the manitoba craft council office at 553-70 arthur street from december 4 to january 4. please go check it out! i'll be there on the 4th as part of the first fridays exhibition, and i'd love to say hi to you. otherwise, you'll be able to pop in all month during their office hours. i will have a very wonderfully furry lookbook for you to pet, among other things. 

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