Monday, 12 October 2015

when nature fought back and the knitter punks

it's a blustery day in the neighbourhood on this long weekend monday, and i am curled up inside with studying (someone remind me again why i decided to go back to school) and yarn i would prefer to be knitting. i just finished a new design last night that has several test knitters already, which is rather exciting, and i'm back to the second baby collection i've been working on. but something else on my to-knit list is a harvest moon for ashtyn! so i thought, hey, why not do a knit-a-long so i have a proper deadline to stick to? so i give to you: the when nature fought back kal

photo by leif norman.
the rules: knit any pattern from the collection (there's a whole sixteen to choose from!), and have the project completed by end of day on december 1st. 

photo by leif norman.
the points: accessories count for 1 point; growth, guard hairs, and faultline count for 2 points; harvest moon counts for 3 points because it's so huge. anything not completed by december 1 still gets props, but i unfortunately can't enter half a name into the prize draw. oh yeah, 1 point = 1 entry into the prize draw. i will draw the winning names on december 2 and announce them on social media then.

photo by leif norman.
how to play: use the hashtags #sunflowerknit, #whennaturefoughtback, and most crucially, #wnfbkal (aka "when nature fought back knit-a-long") on instagram and ravelry so i can track your entries. all completed projects need to have a photo either shared on the ravelry fo board or, if you don't have rav, emailed to me ( to be considered for the draw. please include your contact information so i can connect with you if you win!

the prizes: there will be three prizes!

perfect sweater dyed with indigo.

  1. your choice of three patterns from the collection
  2. a skein of perfect sweater, my naturally dyed worsted weight yarn, in your favourite colour
  3. a surprise of perfect sweater in my choosing and your choice of deep roots, undertow, or dirty paws
what makes this all even better? there's a coupon code coming out later today! i happen to adore sylvia and jocelyn of the knitter punks podcast, so we've teamed up to have an exclusive code for their listeners. head on over to listen to the latest episode (number 12!) of the knitter punks, and you'll get a code for one free pattern of your choosing from the collection. imagine, you could technically get 4 free patterns by the end of all of this if you're lucky! sometimes i question my business practices…anyway, i hope you'll join us, and don't forget that more finished projects means more entries into the prize draw! deep roots in everyone's stockings this year!  

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  1. Thanks so much for the promo code Ash! your readers can head on over to to hear the episode and get the promo code! What a great KAL idea too, have fun! (I'm all booked up for knitting til christmas now :(