Thursday, 8 October 2015

slow fashion october

following on the heels of my last post, it seems appropriate that this month is #slowfashionoctober. it's being led by the lovely karen of fringe association, and i'm loving the prompts and thoughts and intentions behind all of it. i'm a bit slow to the mark (ah, the irony), but here are my thoughts and goals for this month. and some recap photos of my slow fashion outfits that i've worn so far this month. may i say before we get started: hallelujah for red lipstick. it is the best femme accessory besides a kick-ass glare for creeps and large rings.

from head to toe: take two, growth, second wiksten, undertow
fall is my absolute favourite time of year. it's the perfect layering weather, which means more handknits! i'm notorious for rarely making (re: finishing) selfish projects, so i have half-made tops and sweater patterns and cut-out sewing patterns without the fabric lying all over my house. but i do tend to finish accessories, probably because they're quicker. and in the case of knitwear, require less frequent washing...

concentration face. from head to toe: take two, indigo top from kelly ruth wearable, project bag by anna hunter, button skirt by velvet plume, undertow
sewing is something i wish i did more of. i love making my own clothes, even though sometimes i find the actual process tedious and/or frustrating (usually because i sew super last-minute and have thread breaking at 2am when i need to be up and out the door in the outfit by 7am...). i love my wiksten dress pattern because it's a super quick sew, looks great, and i know the tricks to make it even quicker if i need it in a hurry (like i did for fibre fest). so when mel told me about seamwork mag, from colette patterns, i was stoked. for basically the cost of netflix each month ($6 us), you get two pdf patterns each month. sometimes they're clothes, sometimes they're accessories. and if you don't like a particular pattern, you can swap it out for one of their back issue patterns! i'm trying it out and seeing if i can't add some more me-sewn items into my wardrobe, starting with the akita top. and maybe sewing for some other people to practice that too.

from head to toe: mess in time for leaves, first wiksten, gather mitts, undertow
there are some really fantastic conversations happening right now as a result of slow fashion october. about choice, and priorities, and privilege, and not shaming ourselves or others for wherever we fall on the spectrum of making slow and ethical. as always, everything is so much more complicated than just "the best (only) way to do slow properly is to source absolutely everything local/ethically/eco-consciously/organic/raise all the fibre yourself from scratch and process it and weave or spin and knit or sew and also make all the notions from the debris in your backyard." (i would just like to say, i wish wish wish that i could do that last part, if only for the sheer nerdiness of it all.) shit is not so simple, nor black and white. god, how i love the grey. i encourage you all to follow the tag on instagram, read the blog posts, and listen to the podcasts. technology is an incredible source of community and conversation nowadays.

my favourite for fall is mixing super femme with plaid. head to toe: flopster, deer heart, handmade quartz necklace, dress from my poppy's small town of 1300, secondhand plaid, gather mitts, undertow
a little bonus aka a glimpse into my planning process: my twinsy is getting married sometime next year to her sweetheart (who did hands-down the best proposal ever - all the twinsy brownie points for that one, jenn), and i will be travelling to ontario for the celebrations whenever they happen. obviously this means making my outfit, because i don't seem to do fancy events without giving myself grand aspirations for me-made outfits and then shoving them into the last minute. the planning always happens months in advance, though. someday i'll get better with time management. anyway, i'm knitting myself a shawl and my date a matching pocket square, and plan on sewing the elisalex dress from by hand london. turns out the pattern went out of print (you can still get the pdf version, but i actually really hate working from pdf patterns and would much rather spend the extra money on a printed copy), so i couldn't find a copy in canada. but fancy tiger crafts still had it! so i ordered it from them and am waiting on it to appear. i have some bee-print dress canvas that i got back at ray stitch in london, so i'll do a test version out of that before making the actual wedding version. i'm also going to make their wedding gift. seriously, weddings to me are just great excuses for a lot of crafting and making. so someday in the future, you'll see photos of me in that me-made outfit, with probably other me-made elements thrown in there. especially since i've managed to create a mini-collection out of it as of last night...

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