Sunday, 18 October 2015

loved - a hand-made tale

this past week's theme for the slow fashion october challenge is "loved." there are many items in my wardrobe that i love and have loved over the years, items that were made with love or gifted with love or purchased with love (beyond just the usual lust). the most consistent items in my wardrobe, though, are my rings, and since i just recently added two new ones to my collection, what better time to tell a little tale about them?

i wear my rings every single day. i never leave the house without them. it's been like this for about six years now. over the years, a few of the rings have traveled between fingers, and a rare few have completely changed. i don't feel the need to share each ring's full story, and to be honest, not all of them have incredibly complex or detailed stories. some of them are simple. here are some of their tales.

left-hand thumb: i am an anxious creature. while i now use my knitting to calm down my anxious self, i didn't always feel so comfortable knitting in public. which meant fidgety hands. the top ring is actually a spinner ring, which meant i could transfer all that nervous energy into fidgeting with the spinner in a slightly less conspicuous manner. it only squeaks a little. the bottom ring has a message etched inside: "be here now." i'm often in my head, which is great for creativity, but i am also trying to exist more in the present moment. it is an ongoing practice. an ironic part of its tale is that i lost it for a number of weeks following a yoga nidra meditation practice.

left-hand index finger: kristan macintyre made me this beautiful knitter's row counter ring. i love it for so many reasons. it is the perfect functional knitter's accessory.

left-hand middle finger: my oldest ring. i bought it five years ago during a summer in winnipeg. it is amethyst and mother-of-pearl, handcrafted by a manitoban artist. the shop i bought it from, artifacts, recently closed after 23 years in business.

right-hand thumb: this ring is a funny one. i bought it following a break-up, because the ring my now-ex had given me was returned to its owner and i couldn't stand the feeling of my bare finger. it added to the heartbreak. i bought this ring to replace it, and while it didn't really fit, it did the trick. it has traveled across multiple fingers now, lost part of a branch, and is nowhere near a circular shape anymore. someone close to me referred to it as a placeholder, not in a negative way. he's right.

right-hand index finger: this is one of my nanny's rings. i've inherited three of them in the years since she passed. my nan had arthritic fingers and thumbs that we joked would never work for hitchhiking because of how they bent at the joints. the arthritis meant that she had to switch out rings over the years. we think this ring is probably an anniversary gift from my poppy. it has nine small diamonds, engraving along the band, and a small gap in the engraving that seems to be from an extension made by someone who knew what they were doing. it's the only ring that never comes off, even when i shower or do the dishes.

right-hand ring finger: another one of nanny's rings, and the first one i inherited. it's a beautiful cameo, and the only gold metal i wear. it was the ring to first move the placeholder, and fits perfectly on that finger.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, love it, I am an anxious, fidgety type too! Love knitting for that and a ring that counts rows, how cool is that!!