Wednesday, 28 October 2015

early winter bus-y-ness

so, after finishing when nature fought back and manitoba fibre fest, i purposely scheduled myself with a few major projects spread out over the next 1-2 years (yes, i know), and have semi-promised myself not to take on any other large-scale projects during that time. and i've actually said no to medium/large-sized projects that others have asked me to join in on, which is a little bit shocking because i typically want to join in on all of the things. i realized earlier this year though that if i just tag along on a project, all i do is take time away from things i really care about and run myself into the ground. collaborations are my favourite way of working, but i need to work in a group where everyone is equally dedicated, or at the very least where i am totally committed.

part of the reason for limiting my larger-scale projects is because i get to throw a bunch of short-term or one-off projects into the mix! i realize that technically, a bunch of small projects ultimately add up to probably just as much time as the larger projects, but don't tell that to my brain. november and december will be pretty busy. first up, i'll be dyeing up a special order for wolseley wool's annual retreat. i got the bases last week and have been dyeing up some new surprises for them. i have a new naturally dyed item that will debut at the retreat, and then be available in-person only after the retreat.

i'll be doing a little pop-up at wolseley wool after the retreat. i'm not 100% what day it will be yet, but i'll have yarn available, including more of those surprise retreat debuts! and gradient cakes, since everyone seems to love those.

and then, on december 12 and 13, i'll be hosting a studio sale at my house! the first annual ruby street studios holiday open studio sale (what a mouthful) will run over the second weekend of december, 10-4 each day. i'll obviously be there with naturally dyed yarn and fibre and patterns and notions, and i'm stoked to be joined by some of my favourite local fibre artists - mel will be there with her dolls and fibre art jewelry and kami goertz will be there with her fantastic creatures. there will be a little bit of coming and going based on everyone's schedules, and hopefully other artists will also be joining us. i'll have more details in the upcoming weeks. but it should be a delightful time, and i definitely intend on having a crock pot full of mulled cider simmering for you.

if you're wondering where to find a nice little listing of all the events i'm doing, check out my new makerspace on the textile museum of canada's making makers website! this is a really fantastic initiative, and the website is just awesome. super easy to navigate, and full of brilliant canadian minds and makers. i am very happy to have ruby street studios listed on there. 

oh, and somewhere in all of this i'll be releasing two mini baby collections, plus a super squishy unisex cowl, finishing off my first course in the arts and cultural management program, and sewing some stuff for my wardrobe and for xmas gifts. and working 9-5. i love it. 

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