Monday, 7 September 2015

when nature fought back artist spotlight - kelly ruth

over the month of september and leading up to the big photo shoot for the when nature fought back collection, i'm hosting some guest spotlights with all the other artists who are collaborating with me on this project. they include fellow fibre artists, a photographer, a jeweler, and my models, and all have their own incredible art practices that i want to share with you all. starting on september 7th, tune in every monday and wednesday of this month to read about a different artist.

kelly in a circle of dye plants.
today's featured artist is kelly ruth, who has contributed her handdyed clothing to keep my model, ashtyn, cozy and stylish while we're in the woods. 

q: why did you agree to be a part of this process?
a: I am a huge supporter of Sunflower Knit, Ash is a hard working person with vision and passion for wool and natural dyes. It’s great to see people push forward and be part of the building of a maker economy that makes sense to me.

part of kelly's amazing new naturally dyed clothing line.
q: how would you define your practice?
a: I am both a conceptual artist and a maker, using textiles as my primary medium. Textile dyes were my first artistic language and will continue to be a part what I do always. As a designer and maker in the garment industry I am connected to the politics of global economics and environmental sustainability. These things inform my conceptual practice where I contrast and combine weaving and contemporary technology to discuss my concerns for the state of the world’s economic climate and it’s effect on people’s and the land itself.

q: why do you do collaborations (this one and in general)?
a: Collaborations are community building, inclusive, and present unanticipated challenges. In regards to this collaboration specifically, I am simply thrilled about Sunflower Knit and want to support the project in anyway I can! I feel a little “Go Team” about it all!!

a naturally dyed and eco-printed silk scarf. i definitely scooped one up when they first appeared at tara's...
q: what is your dream project?
a: This year I am dedicating significant time to learning to build e-textiles. My dream project is to build interactive textile/sound installations that can effectively and viscerally connect with audiences and encourage ideas for change in the restructuring of our economy organically, or from the ground up.

q: what's a fun fact about yourself?
a: I really really like polka, and accordion in general.

i love this dress...
want to see more of kelly's amazing work? you can find her online in the following places:

thanks so much for playing along, kelly! 

tune in wednesday for a spotlight with melanie wesley

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