Monday, 28 September 2015

when nature fought back artist spotlight - leif norman

over the month of september and leading up to the big photo shoot for the when nature fought back collection, i'm hosting some guest spotlights with all the other artists who are collaborating with me on this project. they include fellow fibre artists, a photographer, a jeweler, and my models, and all have their own incredible art practices that i want to share with you all. starting on september 7th, tune in every monday and wednesday of this month to read about a different artist. 

today's featured artist is leif norman, who is the whiz behind the lens of this whole project. i know i promised you egor, but i had leif's spotlight pre-built and i'm busy editing files. it's all good though! you'll appreciate him, i promise! leif is the winnipeg-based photographer who shot the entire lookbook. he's a magician.

photo by john peters, june 2011.
q: why did you agree to be a part of this process?
a: Ash is cool. You have to support the local heroes, and a knitting fashion designer, is a hero. Romping in the forest with model/dancers? Awesome.

q: how would you define your practice?
a: I am an all purpose photographer who specializes in people. People dancing, acting, at events and in parades. I don’t do weddings, I do punk bands.

q: why do you do collaborations (this one and in general)?
a: I like collaborations because I don’t have to do ALL the work. I can help out by making things look cool, but don’t need to run the whole thing. I usually do run everything from beginning to end, so it’s nice when people help out. Here’s a better answer; I get to see what other people come up with. I’m trapped in my head and it’s nice to see other points of view!

photo by justin lee, winnipeg fringe festival 2011.

q: what is your dream project?
a: My dream project would be to be hired by some expensive magazine to go through all of Scandinavia and document coffee culture.

q: what's a fun fact about yourself?
a: I can play the trombone.

want to see more of leif's stunning photography? you can find him online in the following places:
thanks so much for helping to plan this behemoth, leif! 

we're so close! tune in wednesday for a spotlight with egor zdor, or read back for past guest artist spotlights!

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