Wednesday, 23 September 2015

when nature fought back artist spotlight - ashtyn walker

over the month of september and leading up to the big photo shoot for the when nature fought back collection, i'm hosting some guest spotlights with all the other artists who are collaborating with me on this project. they include fellow fibre artists, a photographer, a jeweler, and my models, and all have their own incredible art practices that i want to share with you all. starting on september 7th, tune in every monday and wednesday of this month to read about a different artist.

today's featured artist is ashtyn walker, who is an adorable friend and musician and who also happens to make a very lovely model. (she's modelled for me in the past too - you may recall her in the original releases for creature comforts and deer heart.)

remember when ashtyn was super adorable in deer heart

q: why did you agree to be a part of this process?
a: I agreed to be a part of this process because when a dear friend asks me to wear beautiful pieces and frolic in the great outdoors, I couldn’t think of an answer other than “absolutely, yes!”

photo by danielle friesen.
q: how would you define your practice?
a: I am an independent pianist and singer-songwriter who strives to create stories and melodies that allow listeners to tilt their head and say “hmm, interesting.” My practice is one part certain creation, and two parts experimentation.

photo by gary garrick of the garrick hotel. 

q: why do you do collaborations (this one and in general)?
a: I like to think that you are most vulnerable when creating among others, and some of my most honest and unapologetic work has come out of vulnerability. I was very pleased to join in this collaboration because the work is unfamiliar to me: I am the most green a model can be and this both terrifies and excites me. Because of my trust in and appreciation for Ash and what they create, I am wildly enthusiastic about collaborating alongside them and their fellow artists.
photo by gary garrick of the garrick hotel. 
q: what is your dream project?
a: For a few years now I have been cradling this pipe dream that involves me spending a summer in a van travelling across Canada and playing at Farmers Markets. This is an endeavour that would surely put me in a monetary hole, but combining the ideas of locally-grown or locally-made products with music, solitude and a country that I am deeply in love with is a desire that I just haven’t been able to shake.

ashtyn's blooper shots are most adorable than most people's "good" shots!

q: what's a fun fact about yourself?
a: While perhaps this fact is less ‘fun’ and more terribly, terribly sad, most people I meet are surprised to know that I am unable to eat any fruit with a pit or a core. This means that apples, pears, peaches, plums, etc are completely out of the question unless I want a closed throat and a very uncomfortable rest of my day. I can however eat them as long as they are cooked… the body is so strange.

want to see more of ashtyn's adorableness? you can find her online in the following places:

thanks so much for playing along and coming with me into the woods, ashtyn! 

we head into the woods this weekend, but we're not quite done yet! tune in monday for a spotlight with egor zdor, or read back for past guest artist spotlights!

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