Wednesday, 16 September 2015

when nature fought back artist spotlight - kristie joy of velvet plume

over the month of september and leading up to the big photo shoot for the when nature fought back collection, i'm hosting some guest spotlights with all the other artists who are collaborating with me on this project. they include fellow fibre artists, a photographer, a jeweler, and my models, and all have their own incredible art practices that i want to share with you all. starting on september 7th, tune in every monday and wednesday of this month to read about a different artist.

today's featured artist is kristie joy of velvet plume, who is making a couple of her gorgeous rope vessels for the moon-faced hunter and petal pusher designs.

q: why did you agree to be a part of this process?
a: anytime that art and artists get together...magic happens!

q: how would you define your practice?
a: My practice is a meditation. I tend to lose myself in the repetitive rhythm of sewing the rope into a useable vessel....getting lost in the vortex of creation.

q: why do you do collaborations (this one and in general)?
a: I love creating and I love it when others create...what better than to share our creations and encourage, support and inspire one another in a collaborative way.

q: what is your dream project?
a:  I have approx. a million dream projects!....that is a never-ending thought pattern in my brain. I would love to have an art show that would include all of my passions; paintings, clothing, baskets,jewelry and performance art....a glorified fashion show or art installation I suppose.

q: what's a fun fact about yourself?
a:  I have been making a living off my art solely for the past 11 years. 

want to see more of kristie's beautiful work? you can find her online in the following places, or pop by one of her seasonal open house events here in winnipeg:
thanks so much for playing along, kristie! 

tune in monday for a spotlight with kristan macintyre, or read back for past guest artist spotlights!

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