Wednesday, 9 September 2015

when nature fought back artist spotlight - melanie wesley

over the month of september and leading up to the big photo shoot for the when nature fought back collection, i'm hosting some guest spotlights with all the other artists who are collaborating with me on this project. they include fellow fibre artists, a photographer, a jeweler, and my models, and all have their own incredible art practices that i want to share with you all. starting on september 7th, tune in every monday and wednesday of this month to read about a different artist.

today's featured artist is melanie wesley, who has made three of the base costumes for the photo shoot. her work will be featured in the lookbook as part of the moon-faced hunter, big bad wolf, and soil carver outfits. 

q: why did you agree to be a part of this process?
a: I agreed to participate in this process because I admire and respect the other artists involved. I feel we all share a sense of integrity in the work we produce.

q: how would you define your practice?
a: I struggle to define my self as an artist (probably because most of my skills are craft based) depending on the day or situation you might hear me say fibre artist, mixed media, dress maker, painter etc...I suppose this makes me a multidisciplinary artist? 

q: why do you do collaborations (this one and in general)?
a: I engage in collaborations because I love interacting with other artists, learning about their process/practice and if I'm lucky, getting a peek at where they create!  When I work with others I'm more open and flexible, without fail it's always a great learning experience.

q: what is your dream project?
a: I'm actually working on 2 dream projects at the moment. A stop motion animation project with one of my dolls and a body of work based on reoccurring dreams and childhood memories which I will develop during my yearlong mentorship at MAWA!

q: what's a fun fact about yourself?
a: When I was 4 I remember making a "birds nest", I REALLY wanted to put it outside my bedroom window and have birds live in it. Sadly, it was made from a margarine container lid colored with brown my 4 year old mind it was a real nest!

want to see more of mel's amazing work? you can find her online in the following places:
thanks so much for playing along, mel! 

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