Thursday, 24 September 2015

take two

please excuse this break in your regularly scheduled guest artist spotlight series for a new pattern - take two is now live on ravelry!

this particular design is my first truly lacy pattern. while deer heart has a much more complicated chart involved, take two is a true femme beauty - delicate and also totally kick-ass. knit with less than a cake of my mermaid hair yarn, this is the perfect design for those handdyed skeins sitting patiently in your stash. it's a lacy shallow crescent shawl with a relatively easy repetition in the body and a more intricate lace bind-off worked sideways. it is suitable for intermediate to advanced lace knitters, or for a beginner looking for a bigger challenge. 

after the success of double scoop at the 2014 manitoba fibre festival, it seemed silly to not design a new pattern for the 2015 festivalright, ash, adding in another design at the same time you'll need to be dealing with the photo shoot and fibre fest prep is a really smart ideawhatever. fun fact: i can write up lace instructions pretty damn quickly. once i have a chart made up, at least. charts still take forever, but they are definitely easier to read. because i'm nice, i included both written and charted instructions. you're welcome.
the pattern is 50% off from now until 11:59pm on october 4th with the code FIBREFEST2, or if you make it to manitoba fibre fest and grab a cake of mermaid hair, you'll get a special code to download the pattern for free! i hope to see you there! come nerd out with me…


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