Sunday, 27 September 2015

back from the woods

another break from your regularly-scheduled guest artist spotlight series (which will resume tomorrow and end later this week prior to the launch of the online lookbook)! we have just returned from nopiming provincial park, where we shot the photos for the remaining when nature fought back patterns and lookbook (ravelry, get ready for multiple releases over the next 2-3 days, starting tonight). there will be full albums on the sunflower knit facebook page, but i thought i'd share with you all some of my favourite outtakes from this weekend. i had a lot of fun and we had some mildly crazy adventures (including me losing track of the map and us subsequently driving about 100km in the wrong direction after a turn-off…oops!). we also had to rush through egor's photos before the sun set last night because he needed to be back in the city for today, and then this morning included a lot more rain than would have been convenient. but the rain did make the light incredible, so that's fine. without further ado, i give you me, egor, ashtyn, and leif in the woods…all photos courtesy of leif norman.

egor started it.

post-face poke. there is no non-awkward way to get those antlers on.

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