Monday, 10 August 2015

upcoming fibre-y happenings

my favourite pic from hanging out with sylvia. she caught me mid-wip on another when nature fought back design.
i have the craziest next few months on the horizon. all of it is absolutely magical, but i think my friends will be getting used to me being more of a hermit than i normally am. as far as i'm concerned, the necessary hermitting will hopefully recharge me in between all the over-socialization of a number of these events. it's a weird, weird balance! 

i picked up a lot of yarn at tolt yarn and wool, including these three beauties that are destined for a shawl design!
first up, i'll be at wolseley wool next saturday (the 15th) to give a short chat about my natural dyeing process. it's part of an event running at the shop from 10am-2pm, so if you're around, you should definitely pop in to say hi! i'll have some yarn with me for sale - old bases only, as the new ones are in the process right now of being dyed for manitoba fibre festival

more tolt purchases. i've been drooling over bumblebirch for so long, and we all know i love multi-coloured shawls...

i'm dyeing and knitting up a storm right now, because the photo shoot for when nature fought back and manitoba fibre fest are back-to-back, and i have about six weeks to get prepared for both of them. there's a five-day turnaround in between returning from the woods and the first day of fibre fest, so in order to not completely melt down over an extended period, my goal is to have the major prep work for both of them done before the photo shoot weekend. short meltdowns are fine, right? right. the photo shoot for the when nature fought back collection is taking place at the end of september, and i've given myself until the end of august to get all the knitting done. this way, i have a few weeks of leeway for last minute changes, dealing with pieces that suddenly don't make sense or need to get added, and pulling the knits together with the other costume pieces and make-up.

yoth yarns from baaad anna's. but seriously, you have no idea how many shawl designs i have crowding my brain.

i'm going back to school for a certificate in arts and cultural management, starting in september - who'd have thought i'd be back into academics so quickly? the business side of things is actually not something i'm particularly comfortable with. considering i run my own small business and also work in a position at a much larger-scale arts business that involves interacting with an ever-growing number of high-level external partners, it would probably be smart for me to hone up on those skills.

gorgeous yarn from megan of lichen and lace out of new brunswick. these are destined for a late-fall release.

i have so many designs queued up for release once everything dies down. there are a bunch of unreleased patterns for when nature fought back that will find their way into the wild once i actually get a chance to sit down, breathe, type out the patterns, get them tested and edited, and photographed. ideally before fibre festival…and then i have a mini collection of baby knits using julie asselin's fino. that will be released around the same time, and probably a design for fibre fest that will be released in one of my new yarn bases. and the pattern using megan's beautiful yarn above, and a million shawls because i love them so much and i have approximately that many designs swimming around in my head and in my notebooks. i also have some other projects that are going to fly under the radar for a few more weeks, but i'll tell you about them in the next few months. pinky promise.

me and my squinty smile. wearing my lace mess shawl
little bonus: i was featured in my first yarn-y podcast! i'm not actually speaking on it, but sylvia and jocelyn run the knitter punks podcast and sylvia mentions me as her crush on the second episode. you can listen to it/subscribe here

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