Sunday, 30 August 2015

the final stretch

it's done! that stack you see is not quite all of the samples for when nature fought back. three of the garments are currently with melanie wesley while she builds their corresponding base pieces for the photo shoot. 

we are 27 days out from the photo shoot, which is terrifying but also exhilarating. i've been working on this collection for a year now, with the first pattern - pollination - released last october. there's still a lot for me to do before the shoot - i need to gather the rest of the outfits, reblock the knits, make some non-knit accessories, sort out the make-up, do a test fitting with the models and all the outfits, edit the remaining eight patterns (there will be sixteen in total!), get them test knit, and gather all the gear for the weekend. i also need to prep for manitoba fibre festival, and i'm aiming to have all the dyeing done by the 12th. that's less than two weeks away, but it does give me time for the yarn to dry, get wound into cakes or skeins, labelled, and organized before going into the woods. upon coming back from the woods, i have about four days to pull together the lookbook for both the physical and digital versions and figure out the booth display for fibre fest.

i'm also hoping to release the mini baby collection i've been working on around the same time, and i have a shawl in the works for fibre fest, featuring my mermaid hair yarn (a sockweight 50% wool/50% silk single ply). oh, and i'm setting up my studio over the next couple of weeks. finally, a dedicated work space outside of my kitchen but still in my house! yes, i am a nut. it's fine. 

the samples will all be available for trying on at fibre fest, and then in december as the first fridays exhibition for manitoba craft council! i'm the featured artist for that month and will be building a multimedia exhibition/fancy version of the trunk show at the craft council's office. more details on that later, of course, but suffice to say that there will be several opportunities for you local folks to check out the collection! and if you're not local, maybe bug your local yarn shop to host it...

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