Sunday, 16 August 2015

long weekends are for working, a bit

hoping that this pile will turn into an outfit by the time fibre fest rolls around...
i have a long weekend thanks to some lieu time from my 9-to-5 job, so i get a four-day weekend rather than my usual saturday and sunday. today, i'm feeling a bit off. or maybe not off, just like a normal sunday feeling. since i was a child, i've associated sundays with a feeling of melancholy. not a terrible, debilitating amount, just enough to make me a little bit restless and a bit more contemplative than usual. i didn't sleep particularly well last night and then woke up early too, so perhaps that has something to do with it. regardless, it's resulted in me feeling a bit more domestic than usual, so i've done a few loads of laundry (linens and towels that rarely feel so immediate as clothes), swatched for a new design, had a dye pot of pomegranate simmering, and baked some muffins. all at a much more leisurely pace than i usually indulge in.

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i spent the first part of yesterday at wolseley wool, selling (and buying) sunflower knit stuff and chatting to folks about my natural dyeing process. lucy neatby was coming through town with a group of other knitters on their way to a retreat up to churchill (let's not talk about how jealous i am of that group), and wolseley wool was one of their stops. mona and odessa were lovely and asked myself and hilori if we wanted to do a little pop-up shop since they were coming by! i had a fabulous morning, despite the couple of wasps who seemed hellbent on bothering both me and my yarn, and i sold a few things from my old stock. my new stock is all being prepped for fibre festival, so it won't debut until october, but that's totally fine.

i grabbed a cake of hilori's matrix base (the sock one) for a shawl design inspired by van gogh's the starry night. the colour is just too exact to do anything else. i'm hoping to get around to it sometime this fall/winter, although my design queue is getting a bit ridiculous…i also grabbed more zooey, because i loved it so much this past week while working on a when nature fought back design that i just really wanted to knit one for myself. the sample i knit up is too big for me, so i'm excited to have some for myself. i'm going to knit the same design up in my size and will hopefully have it done in time for fibre fest, along with maybe another wiksten dress. it's my absolute favourite thing to wear, and i have some japanese indigo cotton that i think would make a beautiful second. my wardrobe is consisting of a few duplicates these days, and i have to say that i actually really love having more than one of my favourite pieces.

speaking of fibre fest, one of the organizers popped by to say hi at yesterday's pop-up!
on friday, i met with one of my models and one of the collaborating artists, lennard taylor, who's making his base pieces. besides the fact that it's been stupidly hot lately and i felt a little bit bad making my model try on knits, it was a very exciting meeting. i'm down to just four projects left for the photo shoot, which is actually a small number considering where i was one month ago. i'm feeling a bit of startitis setting in though, and my mind is already starting to wander to other large-scale projects. 

my new single ply fingering weight base make the loveliest little cakes!
tuesday will be another indigo dyeing date with kelly! i think i'll need to do one more prior to fibre fest, but they're pretty large-scale days for me because i try to get a large amount done with every fibre base since they don't happen as easily as the non-indigo dye dates. so with any luck, i'll have all of my bases dyed prior to september with the exception of my gradient and ecoprint blanks. the knitting machine should arrive any day now, which will let me chip away at those over the last few weeks prior to fibre fest.

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