Saturday, 18 July 2015

summers are for trunk shows and fringing

i was incredibly smart and scheduled my summer trunk show at tara davis studio boutique for the day after we opened our fringe show. yay, silly me! the gradient cakes were the most popular item once again by far, which led me to try caking up some of the bfl sock skeins afterward. suffice to say, i'm officially caking all of my sock yarns from now on. they're just too adorable as cakes. heavier weights will stay in skeins (let's be honest, they don't like to hold their cake shape nearly as well), but the socks will all be wound and tied up with twine. you'll be able to get them online, maybe in store here in winnipeg over the summer, and - wait for it - at manitoba fibre festival! yes, i will be a vendor this year. i'll be next to kelly ruth, so you can grab all the magical naturally dyed items from both of us. i'll do a proper blog post about it in the coming weeks, after i really get prep work out of the way. same goes for the when nature fought back photo shoot and lookbook, which is all organized at this point and just chugging away with prep work. i am working with some ridiculously talented people on this project, and i cannot wait to share it with you all.

the fringe show that i've been working on opened on wednesday, and it is full of whimsy and puppets and clowns. it's pretty cute. my darling and super talented friend katie is on the fringe circuit this summer too and will be performing her one-woman show, how often do i dream, here in winnipeg after winning best solo show at last year's atlantic fringe, being nominated for best solo show at this year's montreal fringe, and winning patron's pick at toronto fringe. she's here now, then heads to regina, edmonton, and victoria. check this lady out. she's dynamite.

there are many other fantastic and talented friends and friends of friends i know doing shows, so i suggest that you all grab a copy of the fringe program and a frequent fringer pass and sort out your own show schedules. fringe is always a mixed bag - you can see a lemon, laugh so hard you nearly pee, and sob so hard that your soul aches and your nose drips, all in the same night! (that's a good thing, honest.) if you've never fringed before, do it. if you have, do it. and drag along the people in your life, and also go see shows by yourself. you'll often have a more genuine response to whatever you're watching when you're not subconsciously tracking whether your date laughed at that line or not. take it from someone who has seen literally hundreds of shows, both alone and with others.

oh, fun fact! i've started a newsletter! it'll be semi-regular and focus on upcoming shows/events, pattern releases, larger yarn updates, etc. and include various exclusive codes and other fun perks. the next one will be full of very, very, very exciting news. a whole bunch of things fell into place/into my lap recently, and they are making for an absurdly busy fall/early winter. you can sign up here. and until 11:59pm on august 3rd, i'm having a buy-one-get-one sale on all my ravelry patterns. use the code SUMMERBOGO as many times as you like (you could even get the whole sunflower knit library!). 

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