Monday, 1 June 2015

tttkal 2015 results

very shannon's tops, tanks & tees knit-a-long is just about done for this year, and i wanted to show off my knitting results! and to also take this opportunity to put out a test knitters' call-out ha.

this baby, knit in four shades of shibui knits' linen, is the design result from this year's tttkal. i'm rather pleased with it, i must say! working with linen for the first time was definitely interesting. i really enjoyed this post by hannah fettig about knitting with linen. i also am quite pleased with the gradient created by the different skeins. shibui has a great selection of colours, so you could definitely get a cool, warm, or neutral gradient going for your own version of this tank. 

because i finished it early, and because i actually knit the third size, i wanted to test out the smallest size as well during the kal's timeline. nothing like outside deadlines to keep my designing on track! i'm using malabrigo sock for this one, no gradient, and with some madelinetosh sock in silver fox from my stash for the contrast line. hopefully i'll have it done by june 3rd as well. 

i'm looking for test knitters! you'll have the month of june to knit it up (keeping in mind that i got the third size done in under two weeks and with other projects scattered in there). ideally, i'd like to see a mix of linen yarns and other yarns just to know that it works with yarn substitutions for other folks. there is sizing for chests measuring 30-52". i'd love to have as many of the sizes tested as possible, but especially the larger sizes since i want to make sure that the silhouette still works as the grading goes up. drop me a line if you're interested!

i still have quite a bit of linen leftover from two of the skeins, so i'm going to make a coordinating accessory as well. two patterns out of one - works for me! i'll get that done over the month of june, along with another garment design using this yoth big sister. i cannot wait to get started on that! expect all three designs to appear over this summer. i have a couple of smaller designs in there as well that will likely get worked up as i need mental breaks from the larger projects, and some yarn on the way for an adorable mini-collection. the summer will be full of designs and knitting, that's for sure!

and finally (a bit of icing on the cake), i went to a workshop about a week and a half ago on coast salish knitting with sylvia olsen herself! coast salish is probably most recognizable for the cowichan sweater, but it's a colourwork technique that's fairly specific to british columbia's west coast (sylvia has encountered way more communities with colourwork techniques than i probably ever will, and she's yet to find another group that does colourwork the way that the first nations' communities in the coast salish area do it). colourwork is something i'm still trying to get comfortable with, especially due to my tension, and this technique seems to be solving that issue! so that's rather exciting. i've already designed a pattern using colourwork since the workshop, but it'll be staying under wraps for a while. i'll be sure to let you all know when it's ready for life!

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